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Arthritis Patients turn to Chiropractic

The Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a survey of 232 people who had arthritis and were under a rheumatologists care. Of those 63% responded to the survey by saying they were using some form of “complementary care” as named by the study. Of those people 31% were using chiropractic. These numbers may […]

Cancer Patients Quality of Life Improved with Chiropractic Care

An article published in the January issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics follows two case studies of patients with various types of serious cancer. The article follows the chiropractic care and its effect on these patients’ pain and quality of life. The first patient was a 57-year-old man with serious terminal pancreatic […]

Low level laser therapy for chronic low back pain?

In a recent research study published in the Australian journal of Physiotherapies, low level laser therapy combined with exercise significantly outperformed exercise alone. Click here to read on…


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Chiropractic and the Autonomic Nervous System

In a recent study published in a recent issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics, researchers showed that chiropractic adjustments have an effect on the Autonomic Nervous System. This research was designed to measure the changes in “Edge Light Pupil Cycle Time” (ELPCT) which is one of the light reflexes of the eyes. […]