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Ear Infections

In the October issue of the Ladies Home Journal appeared an article entitled, “Chiropractic Adjustments for Chronic Ear Infections.” This article reviewed several studies showing the effectiveness of chiropractic care for preventing re-occurring ear infections known as Otitis Media or OM. According to the article, reoccurring ear infections account for over 35% of all pediatrician […]

One-third of Asthmatic Children In Canadian Province Use Non-Medical Care.

In an article from Reuters Health Information, printed in the Journal of the AMA is a report of a survey that showed many children with asthma were seeking what the article termed, “complementary medicine” for their problem. Dr. Sheldon Spier, of Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, surveyed the parents of 117 pediatric asthma patients. Thirty […]

Next Peak Performance Workshop is on Monday, Nov 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Come to our next interactive workshop on Monday, Nov. 16th from 7:00p.m. to approximately 7:30. Learn interesting tidbits on nutrition, trigger point therapy and how to get the most out of your care. All are welcome to attend this free workshop in our reception area!

Seasonal Flu Shot May Double Swine Flu Risk

A Canadian Seasonal Flu Shot May Double Swine Flu Risk A Canadian study found that people who are vaccinated against ordinary seasonal flu double their risk of catching swine flu. The unpublished study has stunned government agencies and thrown national vaccination plans into upheaval as well as tested the public’s faith in the government’s ability […]