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acetaminophen with vaccines reduces vaccine response

In a study published in the October 17, 2009 issue in The Lancet, researchers discovered that giving acetaminophen to children at the time of the vaccine reduces the effectiveness of the vaccination. Physicians often tell parents to give their child acetaminophen to reduce the febrile response, which it does, but in the meantime it reduces […]

Weight Loss

Dear Patients and friends, I am excited to tell you that we have added a new feature to our Clinic. Now, along with Chiropractic, we are offering WEIGHT LOSS. As you are made well aware by our newspapers, and T.V. obesity is on the rise. As a matter of fact, we, the American people are […]

Vitamin C supplementation importance evidence keeps mounting

The evidence of the importance of Vitamin C in our diet keeps adding up. Vitamin C is known to enhance our immune system, for tissue repair, for cardiovascular health and most importantly, to fight cancer. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Check out this recent research article that I found on pubmed online about the […]