New Year’s Resolutions Tips

By Dr. Dan Van Roon • December 30th, 2010

Making resolutions is like deciding to start your diet on Monday. Sunday becomes a total free for all of debauchery in preparation for the austerity. When you know that you are going to “start a diet, join the gym, start going to bed earlier” come January 1, it gives you permission to live it up as much as possible before then. 

We don’t change overnight, we change over time by incorporating small, simple action steps into our daily life until they become completely habitual. These small steps ultimately and cumulatively add up to big change over time. 

So let’s dump the idea of these overwhelming resolutions and instead set an intention that inspires you into taking these action steps. For example, if your intention for 2011 is to lose weight, clearly identify how much weight you want to lose AND what losing this weight will do for you (e.g. boost your confidence, reclaim your wardrobe, improve your dating life, etc.)

Then make a list of simple action steps that will support this goal and build them into your life one by one. Do not add a new one until you have fully incorporated the previous one. Some of my favorite actions steps that will significantly impact weight loss are:

1-Set your alarm clock an hour before you need to go to bed to ensure that you power down and get your 7-9 hours of quality sleep

2-Carry a water bottle around to ensure that you drink 64 ounces or more of pure spring water in between meals
Gradually increase your fiber intake by incorporating raw nuts and seeds, legumes, berries, apples and non starchy veggies into your diet.

3-Start the day with a healthy smoothie that includes protein, fiber and healthy fat.

4-Increase your non starchy vegetables to get 5-10 servings per day

5-Build in bliss time daily to help lower those stress hormones

6-Stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you habitually snack at this time, replace this with pleasurable non-food activity.

7-Get the enemy out of the house – if that candy isn’t in the pantry, nightstand table or … glove box, you can’t eat it (or at least not as easily!)

8-Be sure to keep a journal. Write your intention in big bold letters at the front. Be clear on why you are doing this and what it will do for you. Find a picture of the body you aspire to have and paste your face on it and put it in the book. Record your current action step daily until it becomes truly habitual. 

Don’t wait to start this! Do it now and you will be starting the new year already ahead!

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