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Neck pain- better outcomes proven with chiropractic treatment again!

Your neck is stiff, sore and locked up. Sleeping comfortably is a major feat and it takes an hour just to get moving in the morning. Should you call your doctor for a prescription, or maybe try a new pillow? In your case, a Chiropractor may hold the right key. In addition to supporting the […]

The Wiggles Chiropractic Miracle

How the Wiggles got their Wiggle back.

30 Minutes to Wellness, Wednesday Jan. 18th 7:00pm

Join us for tips on how to be as healthy as you can be. Topics include exercise, diet, attitude and health care. Bring an open mind and a positive attitude.


Learn how to lose 3 to 7 pounds per week by becoming a fat burning machine. Presented by Dr. Kellie van Roon. This informational workshop is free, you can bring friends and family if you choose. In the new office at 444 West Central St. Franklin, reception area. Seating is limited, so please call ahead […]