Health tips for the Holiday Season

By Dr. Dan Van Roon • November 15th, 2012

I will admit, Thanksgiving till New Years Day is the toughest time to focus on your health. It is all to easy to put on a few pounds with all of the parties and lack of outdoor activity in the cold, short days. Don’t throw in the towel though. If you maintain your weight, you’ll have a head start in the New Year and will feel much better about yourself. One of my best tricks is to run a few miles Thanksgiving morning. It burns lots of calories and suppresses the appetite. Also, commit to working out daily. And lastly, think moderation. You don’t have to skip all of the goodies and desserts at parties, just take a bite or two and share with your spouse/partner. It is not worth it to indulge too much this holiday season. Just think about your health and make some better choices this time of year to stay well. Hope this helps!

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