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Injuries to the neck caused by a sudden movement of the head, backward, forward, or sideways, is referred to as whiplash. Whether from a car accident, sports, or an accident at work, whiplash or other neck injuries warrant a thorough chiropractic check-up. The biggest danger with whiplash injuries is that the symptoms can take years […]

The Cost of Back Pain

Back pain can affect much more than just the back. The condition may exacerbate other health problems or cause complications such as depression. Therefore, the amount of money spent specifically on back-pain care does not necessarily reflect the total costs of treating back pain. In a recent study, researchers from Duke University and the University […]

Halloween facepaints may be hazardous to your health

A patient and friend brought an article to my attention regarding face painting for Halloween. A study performed by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported that 10 out of 10 children’s face paints tested positive for lead, which is a neurotoxin. 6 out of those 10 tested positive for either nickel, chromium or cobalt. All […]


In a recent study published in Spine, the authors conclude that positive sagittal balance (poor posture, where the head and neck deviate forward from normal), was detrimental to their overall health. Furthermore, the farther it deviated from normal, the worse their overall health. Check out the study here. Unfortunately, i see more and more of […]

Soy intake and Breast Cancer

Check out this article I recently found in Dynamic Chiropractic that states that according to a recent population-based prospective study, soy intake is safe and was linked with lower mortality and recurrence among breast cancer patients. This recent discovery goes against experiments conducted in test tubes that showed soy isoflavones enhance cellular replication, which would […]

Laser Therapy Useful for Acute and Chronic Neck Pain

In a recent study published in the Lancet , low level laser therapy helped patients with both acute and chronic neck pain. More surprising was that chronic neck pain patients were statistically significantly better even 22 weeks after laser treatment. Check it out at the link above.

acetaminophen with vaccines reduces vaccine response

In a study published in the October 17, 2009 issue in The Lancet, researchers discovered that giving acetaminophen to children at the time of the vaccine reduces the effectiveness of the vaccination. Physicians often tell parents to give their child acetaminophen to reduce the febrile response, which it does, but in the meantime it reduces […]

Vitamin C supplementation importance evidence keeps mounting

The evidence of the importance of Vitamin C in our diet keeps adding up. Vitamin C is known to enhance our immune system, for tissue repair, for cardiovascular health and most importantly, to fight cancer. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Check out this recent research article that I found on pubmed online about the […]

Chiropractic manipulation can lower blood pressure?

Check out this feature story from abc news on a recent study on chiropractic and blood pressure. Interestingly enough, the study group receiving chiropractic manipulation lowered their blood pressure by an average of 17 points. Amazing! And without the side effects from prescription medications.

Laser Therapy Treatment Helpful for Neck Pain

Check out this literature review in Dynamic Chiropractic that concludes that low-level laser therapy reduces both acute and chronic neck pain.